New zealand itinerary south island with toddler

There is the steaming hot nature adventure with volcanoes, hot springs, bubbling mud pools, foamy waterfall and a soaring geyser. Day 1 pick up van from christchurch and head down east coast. There are countless ways to fill your days in queenstown, including hikes, scenic drives, adventure activities or just chilling out in town. One of my good friends recently traveled to new zealand with her husband and 4 year old son. Kristys itinerary for the new zealand south island with kids. The north island has it allbeaches, volcanoes, fabulous cities, famous movie sets, more adrenaline generating. Due to its size, exploring and experiencing all that new zealands south island has to offer can be tiring which is why i decided to divided my 4 week itinerary into two stages.

Our range of travel itineraries include information regarding travel distances and time to ensure that you can make the best of your time in new zealand, no. Travelling with children should be all about fun and experiences. This itinerary is focused around new zealand with kids for families travelling to new zealand for one month. We want to see everything haha and dont want to miss out on the classic south island scenery but are also wanting to avoid long drives with a toddler whos over it. Cuisine is chillifree and food servers are clued up on dietary requirements.

A whistle stop one week tour of the south island of new. Hi, were planning a trip to north and south island late novemberearly december, and will have my inlaws 60s as well as our 18month old baby with us. By the time we were planning nz, karam was 11 months old and was not interested in taking long car rides. My husband and i are hoping to travel to new zealand in march with our nearly 2 year old.

Here is their 16 day new zealand itinerary for families. We started in christchurch, hiked through mount cook, checked out oamaru, the moeraki boulders and victorian and edwardian architecture in dunedin, before heading to the west coast to visit stunning milford sound. Also making things difficult is the soonest there is availability on the ferry to south island is the 26th. New zealand north island offers a myriad of adventures for the family. They had such an epic trip that i begged them to write a guest post about new zealand with kids for marcie in mommyland. Well, depends on your holiday lifestyle preferences, which you can determine from answering the following 2 questions. First time in new zealand, but would like an easy pace with some driving, considering the toddlers attention span in the car. Many international travelers connect in auckland or wellington in the south island and take the ferry over. There is an animal adventure where the kids saw the kiwi bird, farm animals, watched the demonstrations for sheep shearing and cow milking, and stayed at an animal farm. The south island of new zealand is supposed to be the more picturesque. Starting in christchurch, climb a glacier in franz josef, experience the adventure capital of queenstown and the tranquil beauty of wanaka as well as the picturesque region of te anau and the heritage capital of dunedin city. Kristys tips for planning a campervan trip to new zealand with kids.

Travelling in new zealand with children nz travel blog. New zealand south island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Ten fun things to do with kids on the north island of new. Spot dolphins and seals from the boat or step ashore to search for endangered birds, lizards and insects. Cars are relatively cheap to rent and a great way to get around with your family giving you the freedom to stop whenever you want or when the kids get hungry or need a toilet stop. I am open to flying in between cities to save time, but of course does not want to miss out on nice driving experiences. Feedback on 21 days south island, new zealand itinerary 24 april 2020 beautiful day hikes on the north island. Plan your new zealand trip with nz self drive tours. The second half of our new zealand adventure took us through the north island. Home to 10 of new zealands 14 national parks, the south island is known for its jawdropping alpine scenery, icy glaciers and fun wildlife experiences.

Most international carriers to the south island fly into christchurch but some do go into queenstown as well mostly from australia. Plan to do a little on north island and most days will be spent in the south. New zealand north island with kids adventures with family. A 2 week road trip itinerary for new zealands north and south island showcasing the best hikes, the photography spots, activities and the best route to. What is the best 7 day itinerary for family with toddler. This is what i recommend for a first trip to new zealand with kids. The ultimate two week new zealand itinerary jonistravelling. Base yourself in a sizeable town for amenities galore and excursions within a short drive. New zealand with direct daily flights from hong kong is one of the best and now accessible destinations in the world for family holidays. Explore and enjoy some of new zealands unique flora, fauna and scenery on this 15 day south. Marlborough and tasman encompass the entire top of the south island, and both districts offer oodles of familyfriendly sightseeing. And one thing we have leant is that she dictates how ever day goes. Our interests are nature and farmstay for the toddler.

When planning your trip, aim to spend more time in the south than north island as the scenery is more spectacular, although the north also has its unique. Weve asked lightfoot travel one of hong kongs highly esteemed tailormade tour operators for. Last week i wrote about the first half of a twoweek road trip itinerary for new zealands south island. If we tried to do to much she told us in no uncertain terms, crankey, not sleeping, feeling. Family friendly activities in the south island new zealand. Hi we fly to christchurch a week today with our three and one year olds and are considering our exact itinerary. Before you go, youll need to think about narrowing down your itinerary, how to get around and how much you want to squeeze in. It is a country that plays so much with my imagination, there are few countries that do this iceland and finland come to mind immediately. New zealand might seem like a small country, but it is packed with adventure for the whole family. We have a 17 month old toddler, and have traveled around new zealand and overseas with her. Ultimate new zealand family itinerary hong kong moms. Itineraries 814 days 12 weeks in nz tourism new zealand.

Kristys tips for travelling around new zealand with kids. New zealand south island twoweek road trip itinerary part 2. Detailed itinerary starting in queenstown and ending in christchurch taking you across the highlights of the south island. Now i have shared my planning experience, i wanted to go over our itinerary and share the must visit places for those with toddlers, as well as some of the places id love to see next time there will be a next time. Familyfriendly destinations around the south island, starting from the top. North island one week family itinerary the north island of new zealand is an ideal spot to spend a week traveling with young kids. My hubby and i did a 9day road trip in late november with our two kids, my mom and my younger sis. Discover the wonders of new zealand with this itinerary for your holiday in 2 weeks. The last stop on this two week new zealand itinerary is queenstown, probably the most popular destination in the country. So despite the fact that new zealand has some of the most beautiful and scenic rides in the world, we decided to.

Once you are in the south island, the preferable way to make your way around is by car. Despite having three generations of family members on this trip. If youre travelling with little people, the south island of new zealand offers plenty of familyfriendly fun. If you would like a sneak of the south island then the 8 day itinerary is just for you. Ive been doing quite a bit of research and am still unsure on whether the north or south island will be best for us. It sits contently on the shores of south islands lake wakatipu, surrounded by the southern alps.

With magnificent scenery spread across both the north and south islands, there are countless itinerary combinations. With a number of destinations in close proximity to auckland, you can be sure to get to spots that will appeal to both you and the rest of the family. After crossing to the south island on the scenic interisland ferry, your itinerary takes you on a circuit of spectacular scenery. New zealand is on my dream list, i would actually like to pack and move there for good, but it stays a dream. What makes this area a family holiday mustdo is the fact that both marlborough and tasman are what parents would refer to as a winwin. Although the north island lacks the stunning scenery that we were wowed by on the south island, there are still heaps of fun activities for families. Highlights include the wildlife mecca of kaikoura, mt cook national park, the west coast glaciers and a cruise on the pristine milford sound, just to name a few of the destinations you have to look forward to. Kristys itinerary for the south island of new zealand. You could easily spend months exploring all the north and south island have to offer. Taking the kids on a south island road trip 19th december 2017 by expat living 7 min read at first glance, new zealands south island looks like heaven for a road trip. There are so many things to do and see and i know its impossible to pack into the 10. South island route with young kids all comments welcome.

South island itineraries new zealands information network. A one week road trip itinerary around new zealands south island starting in queenstown and ending in christchurch, showcasing the best photography spots, hikes and route to optimise your time in new zealand. This post is full of very useful advice and tips for planning and carrying out a trip to new zealand with kids in a campervan, and in a couple of weeks ill also share kristys itinerary for things to do in new zealand with kids in the south island. Our modern selfdrive travel itineraries have routes specifically for the north island as well as the south island, ranging from 5 to 11 days, plus there are some travel routes that take in both the north and south islands. We are interested in day walks although not too long as toddler will be in back pack and generally exploring towns, preferring to find quieter, pretty towns instead of the major. Our family fun holidays new zealand packages with are designed to achieve exactly that. The town is a welcoming, bustling hub of international and local activity. Known as new zealands adventure capital, queenstown is a stunning change to hong kong scenery. Enjoy authentic, childrenfriendly accommodation, kidsave activities and tours with a number of itinerary options. Become an outdoor explorer and get to know local wildlife when you board a scenic cruise in the marlborough sounds. Were from san francisco and well experienced travelers and fast paced, but im having trouble. Make the most of your time down south get inspired with the following suggestions. The drive to glenorchy and paradise is a personal highlight do the glenorchy.

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